Bharat Mata Foundation is a public charitable trust established as not-for-profit, non government
social organization,solely with service motive to benefit the common citizen without the discrimination
of cast, creed, color, gender, language, region or religion.Bharat Mata Foundation is promoting value education, patriotism, and environmental issues, and
provides medical relief to the poor and under privileged citizen. To promote value education &
patriotism, we run a world record holder photo collection of freedom fighters – Bharat Mata Mandir –
Delhi.We also encourage Organ Donation to save the lives of thousands of needy persons. We also run
a website to collect data on adverse drug reactions (ADRs).
Although, India is third largest manufacturer of medicines in the world, still almost half of the
population is deprived of modern medicines. In view of this, we have decided to distribute
quality Medicines free and at affordable prices to the poor and common citizen of our beloved country.The Board of Trustees is headed by Dr. AK Gupta, a true patriotic to the core, a social reformer,
a pharma technocrat and industrialist with exceptional track record, as he has been conferred with
several prestigious National & International Awards for quality, productivity and fair practices.
Sh. Urmila Charan Gupt (Kakkaji) S/o. Rashtrakavi Maithli Sharan Gupt is also one of the
Founder Trustee.