समाज सेवा के इस पावन यज्ञ में आपका सहयोग प्रार्थनीय है।


गाँव-गाँव और गरीबों तक सस्ती और अच्छी दवाइयाँ पहुँचाने हेतु यदि आप भी कुछ योगदान (तन से, मन से या धन से) करना चाहते हैं तो निम्न प्रकार से कर सकते है:-


तन सेवा - अपने मित्र, जानकार या निकट के डाक्टरों और दवा विक्रेताओं से भारत माता की सस्ती और अच्छी दवाइयों की जानकारी देकर चतमेबतपइम करने का अनुरोध कर गरीबों की मदद कर सकत हैं।


You may also volunteer for Mission Bharat Mata by downloading "Signature Form" and sending it back to us with a print of it to our address after getting it signed from your friends and families.


Our Address is:

Plot No. E-190,
Dilshad Garden, 

(Bharat Mata Mandir),



मन सेवा - मंहगी दवाइयाँ न खरीद पाने के काराण दुखाग्नि में तपते हुये गरीबों के पास इन दवाइयों को पहुँचाने या उन्हें ऐसी पीड़ा से बचाने हेतु यदि आपके पास कोई उत्तम सुझाव हो तो हम तक अवश्य पहुँचायें। 


धन सेवा - समाज सेवा के इस देशयापी योजना में यदि आप आर्थिक योगदान करना चाहते हैं तो निम्न खाते में अपनी सहयोग राशि जमा कर सकते हैं।

About Us

Enhancing the needs to counter-attack the negativity of the society, the Bharat Mata Foundation has certainly emerged as a strong platform for promoting the under privileged genre of the society. Establishing itself as a prior public charitable trust in India, the organization has been positively boosting the public welfare. The organization, under the guardianship of Dr. A K Gupta has certainly introduced a new concept of healthy, educated and patriotic India. 

The organization takes up some serious work for eradicating the unhealthiness phrase from the society. It has been continuously active to donate medicines for charity. It overwhelmingly reaches to the lower section of the society, in order to render them with the basic medical support. Not only this, their prior confrontation to establish a healthy India, has seriously helped them in developing as medical charitable trust as well. Furthermore, they distribute and supply generic medicine in Delhi, and throughout other parts of the country. The supply and distribution is either free, or is basically carried out at low and affordable price range. They have been largely successful in eradicating common diseases among children, who define the future of the country. Their introspection into the downtrodden sections of the society has particularly given a newer prospect.

Apart from medicine distribution, the trust also promotes organ donation in India. Their notion is simple, which implies blood donation during the lifetime, and organ donation after death. They have been repeatedly been carrying out shows and discussions to promote blood and organ donation. They lay a strict emphasis on as how to donate organs in India, and what positive consequential results will it render to the society. Nevertheless, the organization has managed to expand it services of organ donation to help the non-elite class of the society. 

Therafter, the trust also promises to enunciate and strengthen the very feeling of patriostism amongst each citizen of India. It vitalizes and conveys such strong impact because of its goal, which readily implies to the unification of the country. The organization posses a world collection of pictures of our freedom fighters. Such collection not only defines the aura of our freedom fighters on the present India, but also enhances the same feeling to a stronger level. The collection is portrayed at the Bharat Mata Mandir, situated in Delhi. It targets the welfare and the needful education of children of the poor. They also render free medical facilities to them, so that their growth to a perfect educated and patriotic future lies unhindered. 

Bharat Mata Foundation has been constantly trying the positively improvise the negative conditions of the society. It extends it hands to embrace the Indians, who indulge themselves in to it for providing services, in order to achieve the pre-set goals. The NGO also welcomes wealthy hands for charity donation, so that quicker deliverance of servies is possible in cases of emergencies. A need to  change India starts with we Indians. Just a spark is needed witness such change. Bharat Mata Foundation ignites that spark in the society.

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